Why float?

Stress management

With fast paced lives, multiple demands and less time to rest and recover we are putting stress on our nervous systems. This can lead to unhealthy periods in the sympathetic mode (fight, flight, freeze) leading to imbalance that can affect any or all bodily systems and functions. Floating occurs in an environment of minimal sensory engagement – sound, light, touch is all minimal. This aids relaxation and encourages the nervous system to move to the parasympathetic mode (rest and digest). This is the body’s natural mechanism for healing and regeneration. It only occurs during deep relaxation. Time spent in this parasympathetic space allows the body to heal, repair and strenghten its resistance to the effects of stress, illness or injury. Regular floating can help with hormonal regulation, healthy blood sugar levels, energy production and virtually all bodily functions.

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Athletic performance

Floating in 325kg of magnesium sulphate creates a weightless environment for the body. This aids in muscular release as the muscles are allowed the space and opportunity to fall into their natural, relaxed position and realign. Simultaneously it takes pressure off joints.Floating aids muscle recovery as it helps release lactic acid buildup in muscles. Combined with the mental relaxation it allows for development of mental focus to enhance performance.

Thriving in the daily grind

Today, many people have sedentary lifestyles – prolonged periods sitting at desks or commuting. They develop tension in their necks, shoulders and lower backs due to these long periods in unnatural positions and poor posture. The benefits therefore of the muscular release, improved systemic function as well as mental relaxation lead to all round good health.

Magnesium absorption

Magnesium is needed for over 300 biochemical reactions in the body. It is required for energy production, healthy nerve and muscle function, blood coagulation, nutrient metabolism, a healthy immune system, cardiovascular function and bone and cell formation. Stress depletes magnesium uptake. Magnesium can be taken as an oral supplement but if there are problems in your digestive tract absorption may be inhibited. When floating the magnesium is absorbed through the skin, bypassing the digestive system so you are more likely to absorb the magnesium. If you are magnesium deficient you may feel some tingles on the skin. Nothing to worry about, quite the contrary, you are receiving a mineral your body needs!

Mindfulness, meditation and deep relaxation

Floating is a unique tool for assisting people to learn to quieten the mind and body, accessing deep relaxation and a meditative state, which is a learnt skill. In the floating space you are without disruptions from the senses, and the world. That makes it the perfect meditation zone and opportunity to develop your attention to self with mindfulness or meditation. Once we have experienced this state of relaxation our body holds a memory of it, which means we can ‘tap into it’ outside of the tank, to bring the benefits of floating to everyday life. This helps us created balance and harmony within, which ripples out to those around us. Through improved bodily awareness it is easier to release bodily and mental tensions and pains. Mindfulness helps create mental clarity, alertness, increases creativity, problem solving, heightens visualisation, expands awreness, accelerates learning.


Having this special time being weightless relieves pressure off the lower back and other sore spots that arise from carrying ababy. It allows quiet time in a womb-like environment for you to connect with your changing body and growing baby.